Music for Happy Hours, Health & Well Being

Tired of feeling stressed? Overwhelmed by all the sudden influx of self healers and dealers on the web? Intimidated by those who claim to have discovered an ancient guarded secret but won't tell you just what that secret is unless you sign over the deed to your house? Worried crazy about just about everything since everything is pretty screwed up? Unable to get a good night sleep due to the experts telling you the only way to stay healthy is if you get enough sleep? Bored with the single frequency sound baths and wondering if you were supposed to bring soap to the "special event"? Don't get me wrong, these are all well intended and in most cases valid practices. It's just that most of us either can't afford them or feel insecure and a bit manipulated by the sheer magnitude of it all. The Hum Drum maybe something that works for you. It does for me and I want to turn as many curious pioneers on as I can to it's ease and effectiveness on our psyche, our souls, and our physical energy.


The Zone

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