About Me

What I can say about myself is that I am a musician first & foremost. Like any creative artist music is as constant and natural as breathing to me. I am also an explorer in the sense that I want to always do more with what I have. I want to make a difference. I want to make a contribution. My discovery and work with the Hang Drum is an example of that drive and continues to be. I am also passionate about by body and my overall well being, mind & spirit. I find this is very personal and sense that is for others as well who have tapped into their own desire to grow and feel good.

Music is truly the "Universal Language" and never more so than as it applies to our health and well being. On so many occasions I see music not given its due in this process of natural healing and emotional clarity. I have applied myself with the intention of presenting an idea and putting that idea into action. I just need the place to show just how powerful and meaningful music is as we all tend more and more to ourselves and adopt a better way to be. I liken myself as a "minstrel of mindfulness" to best express myself and my music.

I look forward to opportunities that I hope are forthcoming. I thank you for reading a bit about me. For now, Namaste.